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All arrivals and departures from the Port of Olbia

ATTENTION:  the routes and timetables shown are those available to the Information Office of the Port.
Passengers are advised to always refer to the routes and timetables published by individual carriers.
The timetables displayed are for tourist information only and do not certify the actual arrival / departure time of the ships.


Company Leaving for Time Actual time Status Reason for delay Dock
LA SUPREMA Genova 08:15 08:30 Sailing 3
MOBY OTTA Genova 09:15 10:00 Sailing 8
CRUISE EUROPA Livorno 10:30 10:45 Sailing 1
MOBY VINCI Livorno 10:45 10:55 Sailing 7
SHARDEN Civitavecchia 15:30 Sailing Madonna di Bonaria
MOBY DREA Genova 21:30 02:30 Operational Reasons 7
MOBY AKI Livorno 22:00 Boarding in process 8
BITHIA Civitavecchia 22:30 Boarding in process 7
CRUISE SARDEGNA Livorno 22:30 1
Company Coming from Time Actual time Status Reason for delay Dock
SHARDEN Civitavecchia 06:30 06:40 Landing finished Madonna di Bonaria
MOBY VINCI Livorno 06:30 06:50 Landing finished 7
LA SUPREMA Genova 07:00 07:20 Landing finished 3
MOBY OTTA Genova 07:15 08:50 Landing finished Operational Reasons 8
CRUISE EUROPA Livorno 07:30 08:00 Landing finished 1
MOBY AKI Livorno 16:25 17:45 Landing finished Operational Reasons 8
BITHIA Civitavecchia 16:30 Landing finished 7
MOBY DREA Genova 19:30 01:30 Operational Reasons 8
CRUISE SARDEGNA Livorno 19:30 20:00 Landing in process 1

Olbia transport timetables

All urban and extra urban connections from Olbia Port


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