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Green Pass

How to get the green pass.

Those who have completed the vaccination cycle (lasts six months from the end of the prescribed cycle), those who have become ill with covid and are cured (lasts six months from the certificate of recovery), those who have carried out molecular tests or rapid tests can have the green certificate with negative result (lasts 48 hours from the date of the test). The pass is also necessary for minors. Children under the age of two are exempt.

All cases in which the pass is needed.

The pass will therefore be used if you have to travel to take a vacation or to visit relatives and friends from a yellow to an orange or red region. To move from one region in the yellow zone to another of the same color it is not necessary to have and exhibit any pass or self-certification: you can therefore move freely, without prejudice to the prohibitions linked to the mandatory and fiduciary quarantine that prevent you from moving from your home .