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Port of Olbia

The port represents one of the most important passenger ports of call of the Mediterranean, with beyond three million presences every year, is moreover an important commercial port of call.

The port of Olbia is divided into three areas:
- Cocciani, part of the industrial fabric of the city;
Ships with dock number starting with ‘IND’ are moored at Cocciani Port. Vehicles must go out from Cocciani Port following the directions given by the port operators. Foot passengers  are taken by the port shuttle service to the Terminal Isola Bianca without any charge. Please note that passengers cannot walk from Cocciani Port by themselves. Therefore, meeters & greeters should wait for the passengers at the terminal Isola Bianca.
- Inland port for pleasure boating;
- White Island, with 10 docks for ro- pax passenger ships with cars, commercial vehicles and cruise ships.


Inside the maritime station you will find:
- the bar,
- the tobacco products,
- the ticket offices,
- Infopoint (click here)
- luggage storage (click here)

The train station is connected to the city center by the ASPO bus line 9 (click here for more information)