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Grandi Navi Veloci S.p.A.
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Grandi Navi Veloci or GNV is an Italian shipping company founded in 1992 by Aldo Grimaldi. The first ship, the Majestic, was launched in 1993.

The company operates sea connections to Sardinia, Sicily, Albania, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco and France. In addition to targeted passenger services, Grandi Navi Veloci's fleet has been engaged in the development of Motorways of the Sea lines.

Fleet ships carrier

The GNV Auriga is a large Ro-Ro passenger ship operated by Grandi Navi Veloci. Built in 2005, it is 214 meters long and can carry up to 2,908 passengers and 1,085 vehicles. The ship offers various amenities, including restaurants, a pizzeria, a playroom, and internet access.

The ship is structured on nine decks: Deck 8 Command: infirmary, kennel, solarium. Deck 7 Arcobaleno: children's area, 648 second class seats, 68 cabins.

Excellent is a ferry ship of the shipping company Grandi Navi Veloci, built in 1998 in the Nuovi Cantieri Apuania shipyards. The Excellent has furnishings and amenities similar to those of cruise ships.

GNV Blu is a ro-ro ferry built in 1986 by Van der Giessen de Noord as Koningin Beatrix for SMZ. She came under the ownership of Stena Line in 1989 and was renamed Stena Baltica in 2003. She was sold to SNAV in 2013.

At the time of entry into service, La Superba was the largest passenger ferry in service in the Mediterranean, and one of the largest in the world; flanked by his twin La Suprema the following year, he was overtaken in 2008 by the Cruise Roma of Grimaldi Ferries.

Fantastic is a ferry ship of the Grandi Navi Veloci maritime company, built in 1996 in the Nuovi Cantieri Apuania shipyard. The Fantastic has furnishings and amenities similar to those of cruise ships.