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Type of transportCargo merci e Passeggeri
Meters length237
Meters width32
Number of passengers max3000
Number of cars max1300
Linear meters loading goods3800
Company Moby S.p.A.


Moby Legacy is the latest ship to join the Moby family and is one of the largest and most eco-friendly ferries in the world.

Moby Legacy is the second new generation ship, sister ship of the Moby Fantasy.

It can accommodate up to 3,000 passengers in 441 cabins and can carry up to 1,300 cars .

Furnishings, amenities, cabins and common areas are designed to ensure the best crossing ever for travelers to and from Sardinia, with a quality never seen before in Italy that combines Moby's traditional excellence with the characteristic of offering a journey worthy of a cruise, even if only a few hours.

The ship will operate to Sardinia on the Livorno-Olbia-Livorno routes.