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Special Assistance (PMR)

The Assistance Service for Passengers with Reduced Mobility is available in compliance with REGULATION Accesso stazione marittima (EU) No. 1177/2010. Any passenger who needs assistance to access the Maritime Station, move, embark or disembark can free of charge and without having to justify the request, ask for assistance to the dedicated staff, reporting their presence, in the respective ticket offices, by contacting tel.0789 1776964 or directly at the information office. Inside the port of Olbia passengers with reduced mobility can use the wheelchairs provided by the Port Authority.


The assistance must be booked with the carrier at least 48 hours in advance in the manner indicated by each shipping company. At the port of Olbia, with regard to assistance in port facilities, the service is guaranteed even in the absence of reservation.

Please note that it is not necessary to attach medical certificates. The service is offered at the request of the person concerned, even for temporary walking difficulties.

Accesso traghetto porto di olbia

Personnel dedicated to the PMR (Persons with Reduced Mobility) assistance service will accompany passengers in all phases prior to departure or following arrival at the port, through accessible routes and with the aid of appropriately equipped vehicles.

Departure: meeting with the passenger, security checks, border controls, check-in until boarding.

Vice versa, on arrival: meeting with the assisted person on board the ship, eventual border controls and then accompanying him/her to the arrivals, parking lots, bus stops or car rentals.

PMR assistances at Cocciani Port are only guaranteed if booked at least 24 hours in advance.

Passengers with disabilities: who are they?

Disabled person" and "person with reduced mobility" (hereinafter PRM) means any person whose mobility when using transport is reduced due to any physical disability (sensory or locomotor, permanent or temporary), intellectual disability or impairment, or any other cause of disability, or age, and whose situation needs appropriate attention and adaptation to his or her particular needs of the service made available to all passengers.

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