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The Grotta di Nettuno is located on the Capo Caccia promontory in Alghero. It is one of the most famous in the Sardinian territory. It can be reached both by land and by sea: in the second case it is possible to embark for an excursion from the port of Alghero, while to visit it by land you start from the Capo Caccia promontory and access the cave via the suggestive "Escala del Cabirol" (roe deer scale). The cave, which takes its name from the marine deity of the same name, has a complex labyrinth of salt, tunnels, small bodies of salt water, stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes. After a short descent you reach the Sala delle Rovine and after this the majestic Royal Palace which houses the most evocative scenery of the entire Grotto. After the Palace is the Smith Room with the largest column in the entire cave called the "Great Organ". This room owes its name to the English captain who at the beginning of the 19th century was one of the first explorers of the cave. The underground salt water "La Marmora", one of the largest salt lakes in Europe, is of extraordinary beauty and charm.

  • 14,00 € Adulti
  • € 10,00 € (OVER 65 | residenti ad Alghero | bambini dai 7 ai 14 anni | gruppi prenotati min. 25
  • €8,00 (min. 15 alunni scuole dell’infanzia, primarie, medie e superiori)
  • Gratuito: portatori di handicap + 1 accompagnatore, bambini di età inferiore ai 7 anni, docenti in accompagnamento scolaresche,
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