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Piscine di Venere


The splendid Spiaggia Piscine di Venere is located in the Gulf of Orosei and belongs to the territory of Baunei. Its name derives from the particular turquoise color of its waters that make it look like a real swimming pool. The splendid cove is bordered by imposing limestone cliffs and white rocks, surrounded by lush vegetation that frame the small beach of light sand mixed with pebbles, the beach is so small that depending on the tides it can even disappear. Its waters are clear and transparent to make the boats seem suspended in the air. Accessible mainly by sea through private embacings or through organized trips or by land through a trekking path, recommended only for expert hikers. There are no services. Nearby we find the Cala Biriola beach and the Grotta del Fico.

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