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Spiaggia di Cala Villamarina


The beach of Cala Villa marina is located within a long cove of the island of Santo Stefano, in the La Maddalena Archipelago, located in northern Sardinia. The beach is characterized by a beach with coarse-grained amber sand, and the presence of some smooth pebbles. The large reddish granite cliff, surmounted by the Mediterranean scrub, makes this cove fascinating, which presents itself with a clear sea, with a medium depth seabed and colors between blue and turquoise. The beach is rather sheltered from the winds and can only be reached by sea. Near the beach, there are several military structures dating back to 1700, anti-aircraft batteries and the Fort San Giorgio from which Napoleon Bonaparte started the bombing against the city of La Maddalena in 1793. Finally, near the port of the cala, there is a quarry from which was extracted the granite, inside which you can see the statue of Galeazzo Ciano, Minister of the Fascist era, built by Benito Mussolini but remained incomplete.


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