Spiaggia Padula Piatta

The Padula Piatta beach is the natural extension of the osta Serena beach and is located on the n

Spiaggia Cala Fuili

Cala Fuili, located in the territory of Dorgali, is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches o

Spiaggia di Sa Perda Niedda

Sa Perda Niedda beach is one of the fabulous beaches of Costa Rei, with fine and clear sand, with da

Spiaggia Cala Fico

Cala Fico is located on the northwestern coast of the island of San Pietro, it belongs to the ter

Piscine di Venere

The splendid Spiaggia Piscine di Venere is located in the Gulf of Orosei and belongs to the terri

Spiaggia la Tonnara

La Tonnara Beach is located at the end of the Grande Beach of Calasetta, in the western part of t

Spiaggia La Pelosetta

La Pelosetta beach is located immediately after the more famous La Pelosa beach, in the territory

Spiaggia la Foce del Flumendosa

The Foce del Flumendosa beach is located on the south-eastern coast of Sardinia, along the northe

Spiaggia La Capaccia

La Capaccia Beach is located in the cupre of the Costa Smeralda, on the north eastern coast of Sa