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Transits Timetable

ATTENTION:  the routes and timetables shown are those available to the Information Office of the Port.  
Passengers are advised to always refer to the routes and timetables published by individual carriers. 
The timetables displayed are for tourist information only and do not certify the actual arrival / departure time of the ships.

Dock numbers starting by ‘IND’ are at Cocciani Port. Click here for more information.

Company Leaving for Time Actual time Status Dock
MOBY AKI Livorno 10:00 10:05 Departure 8
ZEUS PALACE Livorno 10:30 10:26 Departure 1
Moby Legacy Livorno 22:00 8
CRUISE SARDEGNA Livorno 22:00 1
ATHARA Civitavecchia 22:30 3
Company Coming from Time Actual time Status Dock
ATHARA Civitavecchia 06:30 06:40 Landing finished 3
MOBY AKI Livorno 07:00 07:05 Landing finished 8
ZEUS PALACE Livorno 07:30 07:53 Landing finished 1
CRUISE SARDEGNA Livorno 18:30 18:25 Landing in process 1
Moby Legacy Livorno 19:00 8